Andelyn Biosciences

Andrew Moreo, Ph.D., Head of Process Development Viral Vector Core
Columbus, OH
Virtual Presentation
Andelyn Biosciences is a pioneering gene therapy organization born out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital that helps clients innovate and produce new gene therapies in order to transform, extend, and save lives. Andelyn has partnered in over 60+ U.S., EU, and ROW clinical trials including the innovation of Zolgensma – the first FDA approved gene therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The name “Andelyn” was chosen to pay tribute to two patients that participated in pivotal clinical trials for Zolgensma. Their combined names serve as a reminder that while Andelyn is a biotech business, the patient is always first. Andelyn Biosciences supports clients from preclinical through Phase III trials. A 185,000 square-foot late stage and commercial manufacturing facility will be operational in late 2022, allowing Andelyn to be a full spectrum gene therapy partner.

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