Raja Sharif, CEO 

London, UK 


Virtual Presentation 

ATMPS is revolutionizing the delivery and administration of cell and gene therapies. Hataali, our technical platform, digitizes the vein-to-vein cell and gene therapy process, providing immutable digital records with full chain of custody, identity, and condition data using blockchain and IoT. It can be used for clinical trials and commercially available therapies. Hospitals can digitally enroll, manage consent documents, and screen patients. They can also order multiple treatments from multiple pharmaceutical companies through a single portal. Pharmaceutical companies can easily administer, monitor, and schedule treatments to multiple clinics in multiple jurisdictions, over one platform. Hataali is a platform which significantly reduces implementation times and fees to users of the ecosystem. It increases efficiency, ensures patient safety, and makes regulatory compliance easier. It also has many more capabilities and functionality that are not available in the market. 

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