Geoff MacKay, President and CEO

Oct. 12 | 5:30pm | AVROBIO Ballroom

Cambridge, MA

In-person Presentation
AVROBIO is a clinical-stage, lentiviral gene therapy company driven by a shared purpose to free people from a lifetime of genetic disease. We focus on progressive lysosomal disorders that often cause severe, life-limiting symptoms. We aim to prevent, halt, or reverse disease throughout the body with a single dose of gene therapy designed to drive durable expression of therapeutic protein, even in hard-to-reach tissues and organs including brain, muscle, and bone. Our ex vivo lentiviral gene therapy pipeline includes clinical programs in Fabry disease, Gaucher disease type 1, and cystinosis, as well as preclinical programs in Hunter syndrome, Gaucher disease type 3, and Pompe disease. AVROBIO is powered by our industry leading plato® gene therapy platform, our foundation designed to deliver gene therapy worldwide.

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