Cellect Biotechnology

Amos Ofer, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer
Saba, Israel
Cellect Biotechnology was founded in 2011 after 10 years of academic research and is developing a first-in-class and potentially transformative cell selection technology platform, the ApoGraft. The technology is based on a revolutionary approach of exposure of stem cell-containing cell populations to an apoptosis-inducing environment, causing selective cell death in specific populations of differentiated cells, while not harming and even expanding stem cells. The technology, protected by nine patent families, has broad potential application, enabling the stem cell based industry to produce safe, robust, and affordable stem cells for any usage and indication. ApoGraft’s first application in clinical development is the prevention of GvHD in bone marrow transplantation recipients. Early Phase I/II study results show good engraftment, perfect safety score, and no ApoGraft-related toxicity. Future potential applications include curing of autoimmune diseases and inducing immune tolerance in solid organ transplantation. Cellect’s pipeline also includes purification and expansion of mesenchymal stem cells and CAR-T production.

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