Frequency Therapeutics

Chris Loose, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Woburn, MA
Frequency Therapeutics is a leader in the development of medicines designed to activate progenitor cells within the body to treat degenerative diseases. The Company’s progenitor cell activation (PCA) approach stimulates progenitor cells to create functional tissue with the aim of developing disease modifying therapies. Frequency’s lead product candidate, FX-322, is designed to regenerate auditory hair cells to restore hearing function. In a FX-322 Phase I/II study, statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in key measures of hearing function in patients with sensorineural hearing loss were observed. Early clinical data for FX-322 so far includes this first ever hearing “signal” from a regenerative therapeutic, a favorable safety profile, and an ability to deliver FX-322 to the target within the ear. FX-322 is being evaluated in an ongoing Phase IIa study. Frequency also is evaluating additional diseases where its PCA approach could create functional tissue, including a discovery program in multiple sclerosis.

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