Kunwoo Lee, Ph.D., CEO

Oct. 12 | 5:45pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

South San Francisco, CA


In-person Presentation

GenEdit is a genetic medicine company revolutionizing a new, targeted gene therapy approach to more safely and efficiently deliver medicine. We leverage our systematic screening, iterative design, and delivery platform to advance our pipeline of gene therapies. Our non-lipid, non-viral platform, named NanoGalaxy™, spans thousands of unique polymers and is designed with formulation and manufacturing simplicity. Compared with other delivery methods, our platform technology has multiple advantages, including payload versatility, payload size, tissue specificity, repeat dosing, lack of pre-existing or acquired immunogenicity, lack of chromosomal integration, and cost-effective manufacturing. Using NanoGalaxy, we have identified polymer nanoparticle candidates for efficiently and specifically delivering gene therapies to multiple tissue types, with an initial therapeutic focus in monogenic CNS disease. At GenEdit, we are dedicated to ushering in gene therapies that overcome current limitations and offer the chance to fundamentally change patients’ lives.

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