Giner Life Sciences

Linda Tempelman, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer
Newton, MA
Giner Life Sciences (GLS) is a privately-held company founded to focus on the development and commercialization of oxygenated cell therapies. GLS utilizes electrochemical technology to produce oxygen from body water as a fully implantable engineering solution to alleviate the low oxygen environment of membrane capsules. Membrane (macro)capsules have been demonstrated to protect allogeneic cell therapies from the immune system of the patient. The GLS technology includes: the oxygenator, the oxygen-enabled cell capsule and the control, power and recharging system for a fully implantable system with U.S. and international patents. Oxygenation is essential for therapies where the therapeutic dose requires a high cell density system to minimize implant size. GLS is applying this platform technology to several cell therapies, including the treatment of diabetes. GLS is establishing partnerships with companies with unique cellular offerings (engineered cells and stem cell derived products) who are seeking cell therapy implant systems.

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