Sunyoung Kim, CEO

Oct. 11 | 2:45pm | UBC Ballroom  

Seoul, Korea 


In-person Presentation 

Introducing Helixmith’s ALS-Focused Program DART*: A novel, multimodal parallel approach exploiting HGF/c-Met Signaling. (*DART: Defeating ALS through Regenerative Therapeutics)Helixmith has established the ALS-Focused Program called DART. Our first platform capitalizes on the HGF/c-Met signaling pathway. Three modalities (plasmid DNA, AAV, and humanized antibodies) are under investigation in both clinical and pre-clinical stages. Helixmith recently completed Phase 1 and phase 2a studies using Plasmid DNA-encoding HGF modality (Engensis or VM202), and a small-scale phase 1/2 is planned in which plasmid DNA will be injected directly into the muscles involved in respiration, including the diaphragm. Having obtained encouraging data on survival rates, motor neuron function, and motor function in animal models, an optimized AAV vector modality has been developed for clinical studies. Additionally, a fully humanized antibody modality that binds to c-Met receptors and activates signaling has shown its effectiveness in a variety of disease models. AAV and antibody modalities will be tested in phase 1 studies between 2024 and 2026. In this presentation, we provide an overview of Helixmith’s DART program, its scientific rationale, status, and future direction.


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