Peretz Partensky, Ph.D., CEO 

Oct. 12 | 5:45pm | UBC Ballroom 

San Francisco, CA 


In-person Presentation 

ImmuneBridge – Using nature’s innate intelligence to fight cancer. ImmuneBridge is developing the next generation of allogeneic cellular medicines to make curative cancer therapies accessible to everyone, starting with NK cell-based immunotherapies. ImmuneBridge’s proprietary expansion technology amplifies cord blood-derived immune stem cells maintaining full immune potency to create a diverse, consistent and abundant cellular source for immunotherapies with the scalability of iPSCs while staying rooted in the immune lineage. The ImmuneBridge Cellular Discovery Platform combines the unique benefits of cord blood and the company’s proprietary expansion technology to enable robust screening and selection for the most potent cancer-fighting cells. The Cellular Discovery Platform reduces costs of discovery and manufacturing, thereby expanding commercially viable indications for immunotherapy.
We are advancing our first candidate towards human trials, and simultaneously populating a pipeline with partnership potential that addresses key challenges faced by other cell therapy developers.

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