Kuur Therapeutics

Kurt Gunter, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Houston, TX
Kuur Therapeutics is committed to transforming the lives of patients with cancer by developing off-the-shelf CAR-engineered NKT cell therapies. NKT cells demonstrate several important biological differences when compared to conventional T-cells, which we believe render them well suited for the development of off-the-shelf CAR products. In addition, we have engineered innovative CAR constructs to further optimize the function, potency, and therapeutic efficacy of CAR-NKT cells. The first CAR-NKT product (KUR-501) is in a Phase I clinical trial in pediatric patients with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma. Our second CAR-NKT cell candidate (KUR-502) is an allogeneic product targeting CD19+ B-cell malignancies. The FDA has allowed the Phase I study to begin and we are anticipating first patient treatment in 1H 2020. Our third CAR-NKT cell candidate (KUR-503) is another allogeneic product targeting the GPC3 molecule, which is highly expressed in hepatocellular (liver) cancer; we anticipate beginning human studies KUR-503 in 2021.

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