Karthik Ramachandran, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer

Oct. 13 | 4:30pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Cambridge, MA


In-person Presentation

Likarda is a biotech company developing enabling technologies to transform the way cell therapies are delivered and function. Likarda’s foundational technology is based on cell encapsulation and delivery in hydrogels using our patented CSS™ system. Unlike technologies that utilize alginate or modify alginate, Likarda utilizes readily available and biocompatible hydrogel materials such hyaluronic acid, PEG, and a number of other chemistries to create microcapsules that can easily house and deliver cell-based therapies. This can produce superior biocompatible cell-based treatments that are injectable cell therapies in a slow-release, degradable formulation, enabling localization and increased efficacy. This also durably coats the cells in an immunoprotective barrier for injection/transplant for long term treatments and provides a cryopreservation option for storage, shipment, and delivery of therapies manufactured in large batches. Likarda brings the next level of formulation to cell therapies.

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