Pluristem Therapeutics

Yaky Yanay, President and CEO
Haifa, Israel
Pluristem is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing a platform of novel biological products. The placenta-based cell therapy products are off-the-shelf, requiring no tissue matching prior to administration. Each product releases a distinct combination of therapeutic proteins in response to signals the patient’s body to stimulate the body’s own regenerative mechanisms, and is been evaluated to treat conditions such as inflammation, ischemia, muscle injuries, severe COVID-19 cases complicated by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), hematological disorders, or exposure to radiation. The Company’s proprietary three-dimensional expansion technology can be used to grow cells in mass quantities with batch-to-batch consistency at Pluristem’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The facility enables Pluristem to control its supply chain, and the purity and potency of its cell products, all at a significantly lower cost of goods. Pluristem has a strong IP position, Company-owned and operated, GMP-certified manufacturing and research facilities, and strategic relationships with leading international collaborations.

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