Prescient Therapeutics

Steven Yatomi-Clarke, CEO and Managing Director

Oct. 10 | 4:15pm | Ecolab Life Sciences Ballroom 

Melbourne, Australia


Prescient has two platforms to overcome the limitations of current cell therapies. OmniCAR is a universal immune receptor platform enabling controllable T-cell activity and multi- antigen targeting with a single cell product. The targeting ligand can be administered separately to cells, creating on-demand T-cell activity post infusion and enables the CAR-T to be directed to an array of different tumour antigens. OmniCAR provides a method for single-vector, single cell product targeting of multiple antigens simultaneous or sequentially, whilst allowing continual re-arming to generate, regulate and diversify a sustained T-cell response over time. CellPryme-M: Enhances cell therapy performance by shifting cells towards a central memory phenotype, improving persistence, and increasing trafficking and tumour penetrance. CellPryme-A is an adjuvant therapy to be administered to patients alongside cellular immunotherapy to overcome a suppressive tumour microenvironment. CellPryme-A decreases suppressive regulatory T cells; increases expansion of CAR-T cells in vivo; and increases tumour penetration. 

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