Prescient Therapeutics

Steven Yatomi-Clarke, CEO

Oct. 12 | 11:20am | Oxford Biomedica Ballroom  

Melbourne, Australia 


In-person Presentation 

Prescient Therapeutics has two novel cell therapy platform technologies. OmniCAR is a universal immune receptor platform enabling controllable T cell activity and multi-antigen targeting with a single cell product. OmniCAR is based on technologies licensed from UPenn and Oxford. OmniCAR provides a method for single-vector, single cell product targeting multiple antigens simultaneously or sequentially, whilst allowing post infusion control and sustained T cell response. CellPryme-M is a minimal intervention manufacturing enhancement that produces more favorable cell phenotype, including 50% more memory T cells; doubling helper T cells and significantly greater chemokine receptor expression for greater tumor trafficking and penetrance. CellPryme-M doubled the performance of CAR T in tumor control and survival in immunocompetent mouse models with aggressive and resistant breast cancer. Cell therapies that could benefit from additional productivity in manufacturing or increased potency and durability in-vivo would be good candidates for CellPryme. 

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