Daniel Carlson, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer
Eagan, MN
Recombinetics (RCI) provides gene-editing solutions for some of the world’s most intractable challenges, from improving human health to sustainably feeding an ever-growing population. Founded in 2008, RCI is widely recognized as the global thought leader in livestock gene editing and applied technology. RCI has developed proprietary toolkits and know-how for deployment in agriculture, regenerative medicine, and therapeutic development, commercialized through its subsidiaries Acceligen, Regenevida, and Surrogen. Regenevida and Surrogen are wholly-owned subsidiaries of RCI and directly align with the mission of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. Regenevida is a therapeutic company that leverages RCI’s swine engineering systems for cultivating human cells, tissues, and organs within living pigs for human therapeutic applications. Surrogen develops custom-tailored pig models that either simulate human disease, or report treatment outcomes. These models enable more effective therapeutic development, including cell and gene therapies, which will accelerate the conversion of discoveries to medical solutions.

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