Rejuvenate Bio 


Noah Davidsohn, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer 

Oct. 11 | 2:45pm | Oxford Biomedica Ballroom 

San Diego, CA 


In-person Presentation 

Rejuvenate Bio is reversing aging and eliminating age related disease. Aging is caused by a change in gene expression in the body that manifests itself in age related disease. Aging represents a $1.5T opportunity in the USA healthcare system, which has unsustainably quadrupled spending on healthcare as a % of GDP since 1960. Rejuvenate Bio utilizes proprietary gene therapy, targets, and tools to target these changes in gene expression. Its first efforts have demonstrated that re-regulating even two genes can simultaneously treat multiple age-related diseases. Rejuvenate Bio is also developing the key targets, delivery, control and manufacturing technologies necessary to make full age reversal possible through Epigenetic Reprogramming. In 2023, Rejuvenate Bio will launch its first human clinical trial and bring its first product to market for the treatment of heart failure in dogs through a partnership with Phibro, a large animal health company. 

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