Talaris Therapeutics

Scott Requadt, CEO
Louisville, KY
Talaris Therapeutics is a late clinical-stage biotechnology company that is developing transformative cell therapies with the potential to eliminate the burden of chronic immunosuppression for organ transplant recipients and to induce durable remissions in patients with severe auto-immune and immune-mediated disorders. FCR001 is an investigational, allogeneic cell therapy developed to induce or restore patients’ immune tolerance by establishing stable donor chimerism, giving the recipient an immune system that includes both donor and recipient cells. Phase II data have shown that FCR001 can durably free a significant proportion of Living Donor Kidney Transplant (LDKT) recipients from all chronic immunosuppression by about 12 months after their transplant, without rejection of their transplanted organ. Every patient that was able to discontinue immunosuppression as a result of FCR001 has remained off immunosuppression without rejecting their organ, with median follow-up >5 years post-transplant. Talaris recently launched a Phase III trial in LDKT.

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