Trailhead Biosystems

Jan Jensen, Ph.D., CEO

Oct. 14 | 11:15am | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Cleveland, OH


In-person Presentation

Trailhead Biosystems is building specialized human cells of multiple types, addressing multiple indications. Our lead programs are directed towards diabetes, blood disorders and bone marrow transplantation, and CNS diseases. The company is the pioneer and developer of HD-DoE methodology, which it uses to develop industrial grade conditions for manufacturing of human cells of any type. The HD-DoE platform affords an entirely data-driven method that substantially reduces the time and cost to develop cell-based therapy. Our business model is multi-asset/partnering to achieve clinical validation of our products. The company seeks a position as front-end supplier of specialized human cells of multiple types covering RUO, drug discovery, 3D-tissue printing, and therapeutic needs.

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