Allarta Life Science

Harald Stover, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Oct. 11 | 2:30pm | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom 

Hamilton, Canada


Allarta is a pre-clinical company developing cell therapeutics for people with chronic endocrine disorders, combining 30+ years foundational polymer science with therapeutic cells. Our platform technology enables long-term, immune-privileged encapsulation of therapeutic cells, suitable for minimally invasive delivery. Allarta’s hydrogels are shape-agnostic and are manufactured using commercially available 3D printers. Allarta’s lead indication is Type I Diabetes and we have established strong partnerships to bring donor-derived human islets to the clinic. We have demonstrated blood glucose control in immunocompetent rodents using donor islet xenografts without immunosuppression, and human c-peptide expression in large animals. We are now working towards extended large animal studies, and clinical translation. We also showed that Allarta’s hydrogels are compatible with genetically modified stem cells, including suicide gene technologies, and are working towards future therapeutic applications with stem cell-derived islet cells. In both streams we aim for therapeutic packages limited only by the cells’ natural lifespan.

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