Laura Jacoby, Application Specialist 

Oct. 12 | 11:30am | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom 

Jersey City, NJ 


Apprentice helps life science manufacturers get therapeutics to patients faster by providing one platform to turn molecules into medicine. Our Tempo Manufacturing Cloud accelerates the end-to-end drug product lifecycle by connecting together distributed teams and sites, helping them execute better on the shop floor, and optimizing their operations through enterprise-wide visibility. From preclinical benchtop to large-scale commercial manufacturing, Tempo keeps your global teams connected, empowered, and in sync. With $207M in funding, a 3.4x growth YoY rate, and 218% net customer retention, Apprentice is a trusted partner to modernize your operations and change the way drugs are made in your facility. Learn how leading companies like Synthego and Bristol Myers Squibb are using Tempo to scale from drug discovery to patient delivery faster. 

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