Fabian Gerlinghaus, Co-Founder and CEO

San Francisco, CA


Virtual Presentation

Cellares is creating the future of cell therapy manufacturing and accelerating access to life-saving cell therapies. We are developing a one-of-a-kind solution to overcome the limitations associated with manufacturing cell therapies. Cellares’ proprietary platform – The Cell Shuttle – automates the entire cell therapy manufacturing process, whilst maintaining flexibility and optimizing scalability. It offers true, walk-away automation from apheresis to product delivery (known as vein-to-vein time). With The Cell Shuttle, cell therapy developers will no longer have to compromise by either choosing a manufacturing platform that is semi-automated but lacks workflow flexibility, or one that provides customization but not the end-to-end automation needed to manufacture at scale. Our mission is to make cell therapies more accessible and affordable for more people, and in line with this goal, we plan to bring The Cell Shuttle to market in 2023, supported by continued optimizations through our Early Access Partnership Program and engagements with early adopters.


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