Fabian Gerlinghaus, CEO 

Oct. 13 | 10:30am | Oxford Biomedica Ballroo

San Francisco, CA 


In-Person Presentation 

Cellares is creating the future of cell therapy manufacturing and accelerating access to life-saving cell therapies. The company is developing the Cell Shuttle, a scalable solution to make cell therapies more affordable and widely available to patients in need by enabling end-to-end, automated manufacturing of these highly individualized treatments. While CAR T cell therapies have proven their near curative ability, the error prone, expensive, and lengthy manufacturing processes used today limit the number of cancer patients who can be treated. Cellares’ Cell Shuttle enables biopharmaceutical companies to meet patient demand and is capable of producing more than 10 patient doses in parallel. Importantly, this will reduce the per-patient manufacturing cost by up to 70 percent for most processes. The Cell Shuttle has the potential to accelerate therapy entry into the market by more than a year and could make developers’ cell therapies accessible to large patient populations quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. 


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