Cellatoz Therapeutics

Craig Southern, Chief Development Officer

Oct. 10 | 5:30pm | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom

Seoul, Korea


Cellatoz Therapeutics Inc., combine innovative, patent-protected stem cell science with manufacturing expertise within our in-house GMP facility to deliver consistent functional activity across our highly-characterised cell therapy pipelines. Our leadership team, with extensive experience in RMAT development and commercialisation, are currently progressing three key assets towards the clinic. Allogeneic, tonsillar MSC-derived, remyelinating Schwann cell-like cells have entered a Phase 1 trial (Korean MFDS) for demyelinating neuropathy in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Type 1. Innovative human PSC-derived, allogeneic Musculo-Skeletal Stem Cells (iMSSC) are readily scalable and ‘tissue-adaptively’ differentiate into bone, cartilage and muscle in vivo showing preclinical efficacy in osteoarthritis and sarcopenia models. An Investigator Initiated Trial for GBM is underway using autologous Immune Regulating Lymphocytes, where our fresh/frozen formulations facilitate repeat dosing protocols for adjunctive solid cancer therapy. Cellatoz continue R&D to explore chemical-inducer screening and gene delivery into target cells to secure new technologies for future pipelines.



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