Cellatoz Therapeutics

Joon Lee, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer

Oct. 12 | 4:00pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Seongnam-si, Republic of Korea

In-person Presentation
Cellatoz Therapeutics is a biotech company with strong expertise in translational research and process development. Equipped with its proprietary cells and commercialization-ready GMP facility in Korea, Cellatoz is specializing in the development of advanced innovative cell therapies in the regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology fields. The company’s IP protected muscular skeletal stem cells, which can differentiate into the muscular skeletal system, are targeting regenerating cartilages and treating complex fractures. The company is also developing treatments for peripheral neuropathies including Charco-Marie-Tooth disease utilizing neuronal regeneration promoting cells, which are Schwann-like cells differentiated from tonsillar mesenchymal stem cells. Moreover, the company focuses on changing the immune profile of a patient to treat solid tumors such as glioblastoma and recurrent ovarian cancer using immune cells incorporating gene editing and combination therapy with existing drugs.


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