Cynata Therapeutics

Kilian Kelly, Ph.D., CEO

Oct. 10 | 4:45pm | Ecolab Life Sciences Ballroom 

Melbourne, Australia


Cynata Therapeutics Limited is a clinical stage stem cell and regenerative medicine company developing a therapeutic mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) platform technology, Cymerus™, utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as starting material. Cynata is the global leader in developing iPSC-derived cell therapies. A successful clinical trial in GvHD has been completed, meeting all safety and efficacy endpoints. The Company is undertaking clinical trials in diabetic foot ulcers and a Phase 3 clinical trial in osteoarthritis. A Phase 2 clinical trial in GvHD is expected to commence during 2023 (following IND clearance from the US FDA in 2022). The Cymerus technology addresses a critical shortcoming in conventional methods of production of MSCs for therapeutic use, which is the ability to achieve consistent, economic manufacture at commercial scale. Cymerus utilizes a proprietary process that is independent of donor limitations providing an “off-the-shelf” production platform for therapeutic product manufacture. 


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