Forge Biologics

Timothy Miller, Ph.D., President, CEO, and Co-Founder

Oct. 12 | 5:00pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Columbus, OH


In-person Presentation

Forge Biologics is a hybrid gene therapy contract manufacturing and therapeutics development company. Forge’s mission is to enable access to life changing gene therapies and help bring them from idea into reality. Forge has a 175,000 square foot facility in Columbus, Ohio, “The Hearth,” to serve as its headquarters. The Hearth is the home of a custom-designed cGMP facility dedicated to AAV viral vector manufacturing and will host end-to-end manufacturing services to accelerate gene therapy programs from preclinical through clinical and commercial stage manufacturing. By taking a patients-first approach, Forge aims to accelerate the timelines of these transformative medicines for those who need them the most.

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