Sean Ainsworth, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board 

Oct. 12 | 9:45am | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom

Seattle, WA


Immusoft is developing a cutting-edge approach to sustained delivery of protein therapeutics using a patient’s own cells. The approach is called Immune System Programming (ISP™). ISP entails collecting a type of the patient’s immune cells, called B cells. In response to immune stimulation, B cells can become a biofactory state known as a plasma cell. Plasma cells manufacture and secrete thousands of antibodies per second. We harness this biofactory capability of the plasma cell by programming B cells to produce a given protein therapeutics. Once we have programmed the B cells we expand the number of them many times and differentiate them into plasma cells (or, stated simply, coax them into the biofactory state) that produce massive amounts of our therapeutic protein. Thereafter we infuse the ISP™ programmed cells back into the same patient, where they take up residence and produce therapeutic proteins for extended periods of time. 

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