Life Edit Therapeutics

Clare Murray, Co-Founder, Vice President Corporate Development and Strategy

Oct. 12 | 5:15pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Research Triangle Park, NC


In-person Presentation

Life Edit Therapeutics, an ElevateBio portfolio company, is a next-generation genome editing company that has built a highly innovative platform with one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of novel RNA-guided nucleases and base editors. The platform allows Life Edit to target any genomic sequence and develop novel human therapeutics for the most challenging genetic diseases by enabling ex vivo engineering for cell therapies and regenerative medicines and in vivo delivery of gene therapies. In addition to developing its own pipeline of cell and gene therapies, Life Edit Therapeutics will continue to strengthen its platform of genome-editing enzymes, provide gene editing expertise to strategic partners and ElevateBio’s portfolio companies, and form other third-party partnerships to discover and develop new therapies.

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