Anil Narasimha, Ph.D., CEO 

Oct. 12 | 11:15am | Ecolab Life Sciences Ballroom 

Alameda, CA


Mekonos is a CGT platform company building the future of cell therapies on a chip.  The company’s System on a Chip merges innovations in semiconductor technology, microfluidics, and chemistry for controlled and individualized molecular delivery in cells at scale, offering an integrated solution for advanced cell and gene therapy development from R&D through Manufacturing. Mekonos’ ex vivo delivery technology uses silicon nanoneedles to gently and efficiently deliver cargo into any cell type, including primary immune cells, iPSCs and HSCs, with very high viability.  The company’s nanoneedle-based delivery system — one needle, one cell — offers single-cell precision at scale, with a level of control and consistency unachievable with conventional delivery technologies.  The Mekonos platform enables unique cell engineering capabilities, including nuclear delivery, sequential editing, multiplexing and dose control for hyper-precise ex-vivo delivery. The company is headquartered in Alameda, CA and is backed by leading investors in both healthcare and technology. 

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