Ossium Health

Kevin Caldwell, Co-founder and CEO

Oct. 11 | 2:00pm | Oxford Biomedica Ballroom  

San Francisco, CA 


In-person Presentation 

Ossium Health has developed a proprietary technology to recover bone marrow stem cells from deceased organ donors. With this platform, we treat hematologic malignancies: Ossium is working to enable transplants for the thousands of patients each year who die because they cannot find a matched donor. The FDA has already cleared Ossium’s product for market use, and we are doing a single-arm study with Be The Match to enter the registry. This platform also prevents organ rejection: the lifelong immunosuppression regimens after organ transplant cause chronic infections and poor QoL. By providing infusions of bone marrow stem cells from organ donors into the same patients who receive their organs, Ossium’s technology enables transplant patients to live without immunosuppression. Finally, the platform treats diseases of inflammation: Ossium’s interferon-gamma primed mesenchymal cell product is engineered to regulate inflammation. This proprietary manufacturing platform enables on-demand delivery of optimized doses and positions the company well to access this growing market. 


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