PBS Biotech

Brian Lee, Ph.D., President and CEO

Oct. 12 | 3:45pm | Oxford Biomedica Ballroom  

Camarillo, CA 


In-person Presentation 

PBS Biotech offers innovative single-use bioreactors as well as contract process development services for the global cell therapy market. Our unique Vertical-Wheel® bioreactor provides ideal fluid mixing conditions for sensitive human cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells grown as aggregates or mesenchymal stem cells grown on the surface of microcarriers. Optimized hydrodynamic conditions can also be consistently reproduced across various sizes of vertical-wheel bioreactors, enabling robust scale up of cell culture processes for clinical and commercial scale manufacturing. Furthermore, our bioprocess R&D team possesses unparalleled knowledge regarding cell culture process development, optimization, and scale up for a variety of cell types and applications. PBS Biotech is committed to providing scalable solutions and meeting customer requirements for all stages of cell therapy manufacturing, from R&D to clinical studies and eventually commercial production. 


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