S. Biomedics

Tony Kang, CEO

Oct. 11 | 4:45pm | Ecolab Life Sciences Ballroom 

Seoul, Korea

(KOSDAQ: 304360)

S. Biomedics is a leading stem cell therapy company based in Korea. We have a proprietary technology called the Targeted Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation(TED) platform, which marks a significant breakthrough in the field of stem cell research. One notable success of the TED platform is the development of TED-A9, a promising treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Through the TED platform, efficient mass production of A9 dopaminergic neural progenitor cells was achieved, making it possible to utilize them in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. TED-A9 is administered directly into the brain, like a transplant, to replace the A9 dopamine neural progenitor cells that are known to decrease in Parkinson’s Disease. In animal models including rats, marmoset monkeys, and cynomolgus monkeys, TED-A9 has demonstrated efficacy and alleviated Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. TED-A9 is currently in Phase 1/2a clinical trials in Korea, with patient dosing initiated in May 2023.


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