Satellite Bio

Alireza Rezania, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Oct. 11 | 2:15pm | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom 

Watertown, MA


Satellite Bio is pioneering the next generation of regenerative medicine, Tissue Therapeutics, by unlocking the powerful therapeutic potential of solid organ cells to address severe, life-threatening elusive diseases. By harnessing the unique nature of cells, which dynamically adapt their function to match the needs of the body, our Satellite Adaptive Tissue (SAT) Platform provides the comprehensive cellular response required to restore, repair or even replace the function of a critical organ when it is being impacted by a complex disease. Based on more than two decades of collaborative research in tissue technology, biology and bioengineering, and with an exceptional understanding of liver biology, our experienced team is poised to deliver on the promise of Tissue Therapeutics for advanced liver disease and beyond, establishing Tissue Therapeutics as a new pillar of regenerative medicine.

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