Philip Toleikis, Ph.D., President and CEO

Oct. 12 | 2:45pm | AVROBIO Ballroom

London, Canada


Virtual Presentation

Sernova is developing regenerative medicine therapeutic technologies using a medical device and immune protected therapeutic cells to improve the treatment and quality of life of people with chronic metabolic diseases such as insulin-dependent diabetes, blood disorders including hemophilia, and other diseases treated through replacement of proteins or hormones missing or in short supply within the body. Sernova’s current clinical trial is a Phase I/II non-randomized, unblinded, single arm, company-sponsored trial, where diabetic subjects with hypoglycemia unawareness are being enrolled in the study under informed consent. Subjects are then being implanted with Cell Pouches™. Following development of vascularized tissue chambers within the Cell Pouch™, subjects will be transplanted with a dose of purified insulin-producing cells under strict release criteria and safety and efficacy parameters will be measured.

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