TreeFrog Therapeutics

Daniel Castro, Chief Business Officer

Oct. 11 | 1:30pm | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom 

Pessac, France


TreeFrog Therapeutics is a French biotech company headquartered in Bordeaux, which aims to unlock access to cell therapies for millions of patients. Bringing together over 110 biophysicists, cell biologists, and bioproduction engineers, TreeFrog Therapeutics raised $82M over the past 3 years to advance a pipeline of stem cell-based therapies in immuno-oncology and regenerative medicine based on the proprietary C-Stem™ platform. TreeFrog’s biomimetic technology allows for the large-scale expansion of pluripotent stem cells in standard bioreactors, and their differentiation into ready-to-transplant 3D microtissues. In 2022, the company opened technological hubs in Boston, USA, and Kobe, Japan, with the aim of driving the adoption of the C-Stem™ technology and establishing strategic alliances with leading academic, biotech and industry players in the field of cell therapy.

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