TreeFrog Therapeutics

Anthony Renodon, Business Development Officer

Oct. 12 | 5:30pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Pessac, France


In-person Presentation

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a French biotech company aiming to provide access to safe and affordable cell therapies for millions of patients. Using proprietary C-Stem technology, TreeFrog Therapeutics announced in April 2021 the production of a single batch of 15 billion hiPSCs in a 10L bioreactor with an unprecedented expansion factor of 276x within a week. Biomimetic C-Stem technology – which overcomes current bottlenecks in cell therapy manufacturing regarding scalability and costs – also introduces a new quality standard for hiPSC-derived cell products, with preservation of genomic integrity at scale, and ready-to-transplant hiPSC-derived 3D microtissues, for faster time to effect and improved safety. Developing a pipeline of cell therapies with mass-market potential addressing neurodegenerative disorders, cardiac and metabolic diseases, as well as blood and immune disorders, TreeFrog Therapeutics will be opening a technological hub in Boston in early 2022 to establish novel co-development partnerships.

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