Xcell Biosciences

Shannon Eaker, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Oct. 12 | 11:45am | Rentschler ATMP Ballroom

San Francisco, CA


Xcell Biosciences is a venture-backed (Investors: Viking, Casdin, HBM, Dynamk, Labcorp, Illumina) San Francisco-based life sciences company with a novel cell therapy development platform designed to significantly enhance the therapeutic performance of cell therapies. Demand for new immune cell therapies, such as CAR-T, has far outpaced the available technologies to develop, validate, and produce them at patient scale. With current approaches, many patient samples do not expand well in culture and can lack an immunoprofile that would lead to consistently high responses with a long, durable persistence. New technologies that enable optimization of both quantity and therapeutic quality broadly for a given therapy, and on a patient-to-patient basis, can create a powerful and defensible platform for new cell therapy development. Our proprietary platform enables controlled modulation of cell phenotype and function to condition cells into a target profile (e.g., more stem-like, less exhausted) during clinical production.


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