Virica Biotech

Ella Korets-Smith, Chief Business Officer

Oct. 13 | 2:00pm | BlueRock Therapeutics Ballroom

Ontario, Canada


In-person Presentation

Virica Biotech is the first company to develop and commercialize a unique small-molecule platform of over 100 patent-protected compounds, called Viral Sensitizers, to solve fundamental development challenges facing the viral medicine industry such as poor manufacturing yields and lack of efficacy. VSEs can also enhance the production of therapeutic cells like CAR T, known to be costly and time consuming to produce. Formulations of VSEs have been shown to increase production yields of a variety of important virus types between 2x-100x. These effects have been demonstrated across a wide variety of commonly used cell lines and viruses, thus making the platform extremely versatile. We work with clients to develop and deliver custom formulations that increase yield and meaningfully improve manufacturing costs.

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